Georgetown University (USA)

- Introduction to Critical Theory, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2017 and 2018

- Ecocriticism: Nature, Environment, Ecology, Graduate Tutorial, Fall 2017

- Comparative Literature Senior Thesis Seminar, Spring 2015

- Luso-Brazilian Cinema in Translation, Spring 2015

- Literature and the Environment, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2014

- Introduction to Comparative Literature, Fall 2014

- Brazilian Cinema, Spring 2013

- Brazilian Art in the 21st Century, Tutorial, Winter 2013

- Expository Writing, Fall 2012, Spring 2013

- Lusophone Film and Literature, Fall 2012

-Brazilian and Portuguese Cinema, Graduate Tutorial, Spring 2011, Spring 2012

- Contemporary Brazilian, Portuguese and Lusophone African Novel Graduate Tutorial, Spring 2012

-Literature and Philosophy, Graduate Seminar, Spring 2011

-Culture and History of Modern and Contemporary Brazil (with Professor Bryan McCann), Fall 2009

-Survey of Portuguese and Brazilian Lit., Fall 2009

-Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone African Film, Spring 2009

- Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Novel Tutorial, Spring 2009

-Advanced Portuguese, Spring 2009, Spring 2011, Fall 2017 and 2018

-Topics in Afro-Luso-Brazilian Literature: Postcolonialism in the Portuguese-Speaking World, Fall 2008


European University of Saint Petersburg, Visiting Professor (Russia)

- The Philosophy of Animals and Plants


Pontificia Universidad Católica, Visiting Professor (Chile)

- Biopolitics in Literature and Cinema, Spring 2014


Forum on Contemporary Theory, Visiting Professor (India)

 Perpetual Peace: The Genealogy of an Idea and its Impact on Contemporary Thought, Summer 2013

-What Future for Democracy? Summer 2009


Sichuan University, Visiting Professor (China)

- Literature and Philosophy, Summer 2013

- World Literature, Summer 2013


University of Leeds, Lecturer (United Kingdom)

-Lusophone Postcolonialism: Indianism, Luso-Tropicalism and the Colonial War,

Fall 2007

-Beginning Portuguese, Fall-Spring 2007-8

-Culture and Society in the Portuguese-speaking World, Spring 2008

-Introduction to Writing in Portuguese, Spring 2008


Harvard University, Teaching Fellow (USA)                            

-Beginning Portuguese, Summer 2006

-Junior Individual Tutorial: Afro-Brazilian Music, Cosmopolitanism and Localism, Spring 2006

-Senior Individual Tutorial: The City in French and Brazilian Literature, 2005-6

-Portuguese for Spanish Speakers, Fall 2005


University of California, Santa Barbara, Invited Lecturer (USA)                    

-Survey of Brazilian Literature, Spring 2002  

-Independent Studies in Portuguese Literature, Spring 2002

-Luso-Brazilian Cinema, Winter 2002

-Culture and Civilization of Brazil, Fall 2001

-The Portuguese Contemporary Short-Story, Spring 2001

-Survey of Portuguese Literature, Spring 2001

-Portuguese Literature in English Translation, Winter 2001

-Portuguese for Graduate Students, Winter 2001

-Advanced Grammar and Composition, Fall 2000 and 2001

-Culture and Civilization of Portugal, Fall 2000