Georgetown University (USA), Professor

Introduction to Critical Theory, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2017-2020

The Environment in Lusophone Culture, Fall 2019

Ecocriticism: Nature, Environment, Ecology, Graduate Tutorial, Fall 2017

Comparative Literature Senior Thesis Seminar, Spring 2015

Luso-Brazilian Cinema in Translation, Spring 2015

Literature and the Environment, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2014

Introduction to Comparative Literature, Fall 2014

Brazilian Cinema, Spring 2013

Brazilian Art in the 21st Century, Tutorial, Winter 2013

- Expository Writing, Fall 2012, Spring 2013

- Lusophone Film and Literature, Fall 2012

-Brazilian and Portuguese Cinema, Graduate Tutorial, Spring 2011, Spring 2012

Contemporary Brazilian, Portuguese and Lusophone African Novel Graduate Tutorial, Spring 2012

-Literature and Philosophy, Graduate Seminar, Spring 2011

-Culture and History of Modern and Contemporary Brazil (with Professor Bryan McCann), Fall 2009

-Survey of Portuguese and Brazilian Lit., Fall 2009

-Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone African Film, Spring 2009

Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Novel Tutorial, Spring 2009

-Advanced Portuguese, Spring 2009, Spring 2011, Fall 2017, 2018 and 2020

-Topics in Afro-Luso-Brazilian Literature: Postcolonialism in the Portuguese-Speaking World, Fall 2008


Federal University of Paraíba  (Brazil), Visiting Professor

- Portuguese Literature III, Fall 2020

- Ecocriticism and the Environmentalism of the Poor, Graduate Seminar, Summer 2020

- Environmental Humanities and Brazilian Culture, Graduate Seminar, Spring 2020

Portuguese Literature II, Fall 2019


European University of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Visiting Professor

- The Philosophy of Animals and Plants, Graduate Seminar, Spring 2017


Pontificia Universidad Católica (Chile), Visiting Professor

- Biopolitics in Literature and Cinema, Graduate Seminar, Spring 2014


Forum on Contemporary Theory, Visiting Professor (India)

-  Perpetual Peace: The Genealogy of an Idea and its Impact on Contemporary Thought, Graduate Seminar, Summer 2013

-What Future for Democracy? Graduate Seminar, Summer 2009


Sichuan University (China), Visiting Professor

Literature and Philosophy, Summer 2013

World Literature, Summer 2013


University of Leeds (United Kingdom), Lecturer 

-Lusophone Postcolonialism: Indianism, Luso-Tropicalism and the Colonial WarFall 2007

-Beginning Portuguese, Fall-Spring 2007-8

-Culture and Society in the Portuguese-speaking World, Spring 2008

-Introduction to Writing in Portuguese, Spring 2008


Harvard University  (USA), Teaching Fellow                            

-Beginning Portuguese, Summer 2006

-Junior Individual Tutorial: Afro-Brazilian Music, Cosmopolitanism and Localism, Spring 2006

-Senior Individual Tutorial: The City in French and Brazilian Literature, 2005-6

-Portuguese for Spanish Speakers, Fall 2005


University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) , Invited Lecturer                   

-Survey of Brazilian Literature, Spring 2002  

-Independent Studies in Portuguese Literature, Spring 2002

-Luso-Brazilian Cinema, Winter 2002

-Culture and Civilization of Brazil, Fall 2001

-The Portuguese Contemporary Short-Story, Spring 2001

-Survey of Portuguese Literature, Spring 2001

-Portuguese Literature in English Translation, Winter 2001

-Portuguese for Graduate Students, Winter 2001

-Advanced Grammar and Composition, Fall 2000 and 2001

-Culture and Civilization of Portugal, Fall 2000