"Indigenous Apocalypses: The Anthropocene Seen from the Amazon." The Anthropocene as a Multiple Crisis: Perspectives from Latin America. Edited by Elissa Rashkin. Jalisco: CALAS. (forthcoming)

(with Emanuele Fabiano)


In this article, we take Brazilian Amazonian artist Denilson Baniwa's "Oh, I see, real civilized," a re-work of a Mad Max film still, as a point of departure to discuss different understandings of the end of the world and of the Anthropocene. We argue for a re-evaluation of the notion of the Anthropocene seen from an Amazonian perspective, through the lens of peoples for whom the end of the world has already happened multiple times during the process of colonization. 



“An Anarchist Rainforest: Cooperation in Ferreira de Castro’s The Jungle.” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies. forthcoming in 2023.


This text discusses Ferreira de Castro's novel The Jungle taking the author's anarchist leanings into account. I argue that the transformation of the main character throughout the text from an elitist to an egalitarian is due to his observation of examples of cooperation in the rainforest. I discuss the thought of Russian anarchist Petr Kropotkin as a key inspiration for the representation of an anarchist Amazonia in Castro's text.