A. Organization of Large Academic Conferences


The Environment in Brazilian Culture, Georgetown University, 2017.


Fernando Pessoa: Between Literature and Philosophy (co-organizer), Georgetown University, 2015.


Plant Intelligence: Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives, Georgetown University, 2014

Brazilian Literary Festival (co-organizer), Georgetown University, 2009


Portuguese and Brazilian Film: Cinematic Theory and Praxis in Perspective, Georgetown University, 2009


Colloquium “Rethinking April 25th in Portugal”, UC Santa Barbara, 2002      


 Assistant to the Organizing Committee of the European Association of American Studies Conference, University of Lisbon, 1998



B. Organization of Academic Talks


Professor Simone Pires, “Os Sons dos Povos da Amazônia: Música, Cultura, História e Visão de Mundo,” Georgetown University, 2018


Professor Artemy Magun, “Andrey Platonov’s Melancholia and the Philosophy of the Subject,” Georgetown University, 2014.


Professor Michael Marder, “On Being Lost at Home: Between Economy and Ecology,” Georgetown University, 2014.


Professor Emily Apter, “The Politics of Translation Today: Language, Philosophy, Media,” Georgetown University, 2014.


Professor Fernando Arenas, “Africa on Screen: The Question of Languages.” Georgetown University, 2013.


César Dias Lima, “Presenting his film Soldados da Borracha.” Georgetown University, 2013.


Gonçalo Tavares, "Introducing his new book, The Neighborhood." Georgetown University, 2012.


Professor Santiago Slabodsky, "Global Barbarisms: When Latin American Thought Changed Talmudic Readings" Georgetown University, 2012.


Professor Michael Marder, “The Existential Phenomenology of Clarice Lispector”, Georgetown University, 2012.


Professor Miguel Jerónimo, “Portugal and the Division of Africa (1870-1940): Themes and Perspectives”, Georgetown University, 2011.


Professor Alexandre Sá, “Portugal and the Political in the 20th Century”, Georgetown University, 2011.


Professor Noam Chomsky, “Doctrines and Visions”, Harvard University, 2004.


Professor Roger Owen, “The Iraqi Occupations of 1914 and 2003 Compared,” Harvard University, 2003.


Gideon Lester’s talk “The Worst Theater I have ever seen: Art Theater and the A.R.T,” (co-organizer), Harvard University, 2003


C. University-Related Community Activities


 Talk “Notas sobre Feitiço do Império” [“Notes on The Spell of the Empire”] National Film Archive, Lisbon, 2012.


 Talk “Notas sobre A Revolução de Maio” [“Notes on The May Revolution”] National Film Archive, Lisbon, 2012.


Creative Writing Workshop (co-leader), Harvard University, 2005-6.


East-Asian Film Festival (co-organizer), Harvard University, 2004.


Latin-American Film Festival, Harvard University, 2003.


Luso-Brazilian Film Series (co-organizer), UC Santa Barbara, 2001